Gendered taalgebruik

Gendering LanguageLees hier meer over de invloed van grammaticale gebruiken rondom gender in taal op gelijkheid van mannen en vrouwen.

Prewitt-Freilino, J.L., Caswell, T.A. & Laakso, E.K. (2012). The gendering of language: A comparison of gender equality in countries with gendered, natural gender, and genderless languages. Sex Roles, 66, 268–281.

Lees hier de nieuwsbrief "Gendered taalgebruik" van 22 december 2015

evidenceGaucher, D., Friesen, J, & Kay, A. C. (2011). Evidence that gendered wording in job advertisements exists and sustains gender equality. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology101, 109-128.

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Stout, J. G., & Dasgupta, N. (2011). When he doesn’t mean you: Gender-exclusive language as ostracism. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin36, 757-769.