Gender bias in education

gender bias evaluationStudents evaluate the teaching of professors lower after receiving a bad grade than after receiving a good grade. However, after a bad grade they also show a gender bias: the course of a male professor is evaluated more positively than that of a female professor. Self-affirmations reduce this gender bias.



Hoorens, V., Dekkers, G., & Deschrijver, E. (2020). Gender bias in student evaluations of teaching: Students’ self-affirmation reduces the bias by lowering evaluations of male professors. Sex Roles, 1-15.

Fisher et al. Unpacking BacklashFemale professors in high status domains (e.g. economics, compute science) appear to experience more backlash than female professors in lower status domains (e.g. philosophy, history) and this is even worse for women without a “chili pepper rating” from Read the full paper here.


Fisher, A. N., Stinson, D. A., & Kalajdzic, A. (2019). Unpacking backlash: Individual and contextual moderators of bias against female professors. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 41, 305-325.

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El-Alayli, A., Hansen-Brown, A. A., & Ceynar, M. (2018). Dancing backwards in high heels: Female professors experience more work demands and special favor requests, particularly from academically entitled students. Sex Roles79, 136-150.

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