Acceptance of scientific research on gender bias

Resistance to findings from research

Weerstand tegen bevinden uit onderzoek

As a result of their sensational experiment on gender bias, the researchers received many reactions. What stood out was that most of the positive reactions came from women, while men mainly gave negative reactions.



Moss-Racusin, C. A., Molenda, A. K., & Cramer, C. R. (2015). Can evidence impact attitudes? Public reactions to evidence of gender bias in STEM fields. Psychology of Women Quarterly39, 194-209.

Especially men doubt results of empirical research on gender bias

merit in the eye of the beholder

Especially men, and male scientists in particular, questioned the results of empirical research showing gender bias in science.



Handley, I. A., Brown, E. R., Moss-Racusin, C. A., & Smith, J. L. (2015). Quality of evidence revealing gender bias in science in in the eye of the beholder. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences112(43), 13201-13206.