ISSCR board authors: Commentary on flawed female mentorship study of AlShebli et al, in Nature Communications 2020

mentorship in science

On November 17, 2020, Nature Communications published a paper on the role of informal mentorship in the future careers of mentees (AlShebli et al., 2020). Given their leadership roles in the International Society for Stem Cell Research, Mummery and colleagues have collectively spoken out about the shortcomings of the paper and the importance of eliminating inequities that young scientists face throughout their careers. They also explain why Nature Communications' response to the retraction of the paper was unacceptable. Read the full commentary here.


Mummery, C., Little, M., Lin, H., Clark, A., Zaret, K., Barker, R., ... & Temple, S. Mentorship in Science: Response to AlShebli et al., Nature Communications 2020. Stem Cell Reports16(1), 1-2.