We provide anyone who needs to ask us a question the opportunity to do so. This opportunity comes with a few ground rules.

  • Questions cannot be asked anonymously. In order to answer a question adequately, we need to have some information about the position and professional background of the person asking the question.
  • We need contact information of the person(s) asking a question so we can ask for more information or further explanation if we feel it is necessary.
  • All submissions will be screened upon receipt, to see if the question asked is relevant to the goals of the website, and to see if and how we can respond to the question.
  • After the answer to the question has been sent to the submitter, an anonymized and abridged version of both the question and the answer will be published on the website (after the submitters has given us permission to do so), in order to provide information to others.
  • It is not possible to react to questions submitted by others or to enter into a discussion of our answers. This website is meant to be a source of information, not a discussion forum; there are plenty of other opportunities for discussion available.

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