We invite everyone to share their own experiences with implicit or explicit gender discrimination on the work floor. This opportunity comes with a few ground rules. 

  • It is not possible to make an anonymous submission. We need to verify who made the submission, and if the submitter works in academia.
  • We need contact information of the person(s) submitting an Angel Alert so we can ask for more information or further explanation if we feel it is necessary.
  • All submissions will be screened upon receipt and anonymized. Our aim is to show experiences regarding the opportunities women in academia have, not to put 'perpetrators' on the stand. 
  • Valid submissions will be published on the website after they have been screened, in order to provide information. 
  • It is not possible to react to alerts submitted by others. This website is meant to be a source of information, not a discussion forum; there are plenty of other opportunities for discussion available.