Prof. dr. Naomi Ellemers

Distinguished University Professor, Utrecht University, (since September 1, 2015), 26 PhDs supervised.

Professor, Social Psychology of the Organization, Leiden University (1999-2015).

Personal website:


Academic appointments:

  • Member of the Supervisory Board, PwC (2015-present)
  • Board member, Social Science Research Council NWO MaGW (2004-2007)
  • Chair, Kurt Lewin Institute (2003-present)
  • Board Member, Praemium Erasmianum (2010 - heden)
  • President European Association of Social Psychology (1999-2002)
  • Chair, Department of Psychology, Leiden University (2004-2007)


  • European Codol Award (2017)
  • Main applicant Research Agenda 'Sustainable Cooperation (SCOOP)' (2017)
  • Corresponding Fellow British Academy (2014)
  • Member of KNAW (2011)
  • NWO Spinoza award (2010)
  • KNAW Merian award (2010)
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior best paper award (2009)
  • Moss Kanter Award for excellence in work-family research (2009)
  • European Kurt Lewin Award (2008)
  • European Jos Jaspars Award (1990)

Scholarly expertise:

  • gender stereotyping and implicit bias
  • diversity
  • team motivation, performance, and professional development
  • work-family
  • moral and ethical behaviour

Relevant publications:


Ellemers, N. (in press). Gender stereotypes. Annual Review of Psychology.

Ellemers, N., & Rink, F. (2016). Diversity in work groups. Current Opinion in Psychology, 11, 49-53.

Ellemers, N., & Barreto, M. (2015).  Modern discrimination: How perpetrators and targets interactively perpetuate social disadvantage. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 3, 142-146.

Ellemers, N. (2014). Women at work: How organizational features impact career development. Policy Insights from Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1, 46-54.

Ellemers, N., Rink, F., Derks, B., & Ryan, M. (2012). Women in high places: When and why promoting women into top positions can harm them individually or as a group (and how to prevent this). Research In Organizational Behavior, 32, 163-187.

Ellemers, N. (2012). The group self. Science, 336, 848-852.



Ellemers, N., & De Gilder, D. (2012). Je werkt anders dan je denkt. Business Contact.