Annual Vitaal Cup awarded

On Wednesday, January 17 2018 the annual Vitaal Cup of the Leiden University Medical Centre was awarded to Pancras Hogendoorn and Karen Bergman-Korver. The Vitaal Cup was introduced by Vitaal, the LUMC women's network, to highlight the importance of male and female academics in the LUMC.




Pancras Hogendoorn, member of the Executive Board and dean of the LUMC, received the award for the critical, yet positive way in which he stimulates women's career development in the LUMC, for the creation of the successful LUMC Johanna Zaaijer Fund and for the effort he has put into making gender sensitivity an important part of the curriculum at the department of Medicine.

Karen Bergman-Korver, assistant in research matters at the Research Directorate, has been playing an important part behind the scenes for the stimulation of the positioning of female scientists in the LUMC. By awarding her the Vitaal Cup, Vitaal wants to give her efforts visibility and to give them the appreciation they deserve.