Following the call from Athena’s Angels, Utrecht University decides to allow all members of an Assessment Committee to wear gowns, emphasizing equality

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At Utrecht University (UU), a new move is being made towards equality within the academic world. Following a call from Athena’s Angels, the university has made a significant decision regarding the PhD Ceremony. From now on, every member of an Assessment Committee is allowed to wear a gown during the ceremony, regardless of their formal position. All members of the Assessment Committee hold equal positions during the ceremony. "With this decision, we emphasize this equality," Rector Magnificus Henk Kummeling says.

This change aligns with the ongoing university initiatives of the cultural change 'Recognition and Rewards' of Utrecht University. At the core of this policy is the ambition that, at UU, everyone's contribution to the organization and its collective goals is recognized and appreciated. All staff collaborate on the mission and objectives of Utrecht University, regardless of role, department, or discipline.

Read the news article on the website of Utrecht University.