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In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, Athena's Angels circulated a newsletter ( with a section on Debora Diniz, a Brazilian social scientist specializing in making connections between bioethics, feminism, human rights, and health. Her work as a scientist and documentary filmmaker has been rewarded with many awards over the years, but her research on female reproductive rights has caused so many threats and hatred that she has had to leave her country.

Athena's Angels believe that her work and accomplishments deserve more attention and call on everyone reading this to share her work on March 8 with the hashtag #dinizrules. However, for English and Dutch speakers, it is not easy to find a complete page on Debora Diniz online. The English page is incomplete and the Dutch Wikipedia page does not exist: who would rise to the challenge of making some additions to her Wikipedia page?

This is the English Wikipedia page that needs to be completed:

Her Portuguese page can be found here:

Here is a list of scientific research in her name:

An interview can be found here:

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