European Commission actively promotes gender equality

On the occasion of International Women's Day the European Commission has issued a clear statement: "We want girls and women to achieve equality in all aspects of life: access to education, equal pay for equal work, access to top positions in companies and politics as well as protection from violence." In order to back up these words, the Commission has published a list with actions to achieve these things.



The European Commission declares Europe a safe place for women: "Equality between women and men is one of the fundamental values of the European Union enshrined in our treaties. Our Union is a pioneer in tackling gender-based discrimination and we can be proud of the progress achieved: Europe is one of the safest and most equal places for women in the world."  But they admit their work is not done yet: "The path to full equality in practice is still a long one. Women and girls still face harassment, abuse and violence. And women are still too often prevented from breaking the glass ceiling, receiving lower pay and fewer opportunities for career and business development."

One of the planned actions is improving the balance between work and private life of working parent. To this end, the Commission will publish policy and legal measures. The measures regard parental leave and will, for example, make the right to paternity leave across the EU.

Read the full statement here.

Read the list of actions compiled by the Commission here.