NRC writes about the Ammodo KNAW awards

Screen Shot 2017 02 06 at 10.47.54Good to see that NRC writes about the presentation of the de Ammodo KNAW Awards. However, Roshan Cools is a woman.

  It is also very generous of the editors of this newspaper that they rectified this article a few days later, because one of the award-winners was not named in the original article. It's pretty stupid though that nobody thought to check who the award-winner is. Roshan Cools, professor of cognitive neuropsychology was also presented with an award, but the announcement of what he discovered is incorrect, as anyone who takes the effort to Google Roshan Cools can immediately see that Roshan is a woman. Because, yes, it is possible that an award-winning professor in neuropsychology is a woman! Read the article in NRC Handelsblad, January 29, 2017, without the mention of Roshan Cools here (text in Dutch). Read more about Ammodo KNAW awards laureates, including Athena's Angel Eveline Crone, here.