• Faniko Ellemers Derks
    September 13, 2020 Forms of bias

    Queen bees still exist in academia

    In a study among 800 academics, Naomi Ellemers and her colleagues found that female professors underestimate the career ambitions of their female PhD students. At the same time, they describe themselves as extremely masculine. Fifteen years ago, the…

  • Figure Unequal effects
    September 09, 2020 Impact of COVID-19

    Unequal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on scientists

    A recently published study in Nature shows that during the pandemic, female scientists, especially those with young children, experienced a substantial decline in time devoted to research.

    Read more about the study here.

    Myers, K. R., Tham, W. Y., Yin, Y.,…

  • Kamn et al. Marine Sciences

    Steer towards gender equality in marine sciences

    A case study of two large externally funded marine sciences research alliances describes innovative activities to improve gender equality within the marine sciences.

    The activities developed can inspire new activities within other large projects in areas…

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