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Michèle Lemont will discuss diversity in academia with academics with various specialties, including Athena's Angel Naomi Ellemers. This conference will take place on November 21st, from 10.00 to 17.30 in the Gertrudis Chapel in Utrecht, and is free of charge. You can sign up using this link


Exhibition: Herstory at Leiden University

The exhibition Herstory: Leiden Leading Ladies can be seen in the 'Oude UB' at Leiden University. The exhibition, carefully curated by students from the Museums and Collections Master, will focus on the women connected to the University. From 1900 onwards, women have played a big role behind the scenes and in the spotlights to help create the institution Leiden University has become today.

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Mixed effects of diversity training

A recent article in PNAS investigated the efficacy of a short evidence-based diversity training about women at work. The authors show that the diversity training successfully produced attitude change, but not behavior change, among employees whose average untreated attitudes were relatively less supportive of women than other groups. On the other hand, the training resulted in behavior change among employees whose average untreated attitudes were already strongly supportive of women. These results denote the limited efficacy of diversity training, especially among those groups whose behaviors policymakers are most eager to influence.

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Eight things to know when interpreting sex and gender differences in scientific research

Cordelia Fine, Daphna Joel, and Gina Rippon describe eight things to consider when interpreting scientific research on sex and gender differences. 

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